"I have been in the skin care industry for many years, and have worked with many different products. A few years ago I began using Sea Vital. I was amazed at how well my skin responded and how soon I started seeing results. We now offer Sea Vital products at my place of business and the response has been fantastic .Some of my clients have skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema, and Sea Vital hand cream became quite a miracle relief for many of them. Body lotion, foot cream, salt scrub, to name a few, have a luxurious texture with a light pleasant aroma and work very well even on most sensitive skin. I highly recommend Sea Vital products for your skin care as well as outstanding support from customer service for all your questions and needs."

Yelena Shalansky
Esthetician and Makeup Artist
Muse Salon and Spa

"Marina knows in deep all of her products. She has being providing excellent beauty consulting. She picks right product that is really working! I love to use creams with vitamin C, liquid soap - my favorite."

Natasha Onyshchenko 
 Independent Accounting Professional

"I have been using SeaVital products since 2006. My favorites are the Cleansing Facial Gel and Exfoliating Facial Wash. Cleansing gel makes my skin feel very refreshed and silky. Exfoliating wash works very gently and it's perfect for my sensitive skin, I use it twice a day. I also like to use the masks - Multi Action and Seaweed. They provide good skin nourishment. I have used many different cosmetic products over the years, but after using them for a while they for some reason stopped working for me. Sea Vital products are working for me and keep my skin healthy and great looking. Thanks for making good products!"

Customer since 2006

"I have been using SeaVital for a couple of years now and really love your products. It does work and no one ever belives that I am in my forties. People think I am in my late 20s. When I am out with my daughter who is 21 they think we are sisters about couple of years apart. I do tell everyone about your products and have convinced friends to try and buy your products. Sometimes it is hard for me to purchase when I am out because I am a single mother of three kids and work two jobs. But glad I do use SeaVital when possible."

Tessina D'Santos

"Marina Gilbitsky has been our rep for SeaVital products since 2006. We use the SeaVital products at our spa for our spa packages.  Our clients like the products and the majority of our clients purchase the product after their spa treatment. I order monthly and I receive my products with 24 hours."

Wellsprings Medical Spa

"I would just like to say that I have been using SeaVital for almost two years now. My skin was oily and splotchy. I had some areas of redness and combination dry/oily skin. Although I was very skeptical, I decided to try their product. I started with the exfoliating cleanser (at first everyday but after a little dryness) I alternated this with the cleansing facial gel and the toner. I used the mud mask every other day and cut it back to two a week (due to dryness). I also purchased the daily moisture cream and the tinted sunscreen. I found that after a month with this regiment, my skin became less oily and the redness in areas disappeared. My breakout did not occur as often then stopped altogether. My pores were not as noticeable and my skin felt smoother and more supple. A friend that I have not seen often remarked over how good my skin looked. She wondered if I had some “work” done. I noticed that the dark area under my eyes are becoming very noticeable and made me look tired and haggard. I purchased the under eye serum and the gel serum (and alternated between the two). After literally a few weeks, my husband noticed the difference. I have tried many different face cleansers and because my skin is very sensitive, I had a hard time finding a product that does not dry out or make my skin so oily that a breakout happens every few weeks. With SeaVital, this did not happen. A friend gave me some sample products that were twice as expensive as SeaVital and were all natural plant extracts and asked me to use them. After one use, my skin became itchy and dry. Needless to say, I stopped and returned to SeaVital. I have not had any problems since. I purchased the Aloe Vera gel for my husband who uses it as an aftershave cream (and I started to use it on the children after a day of too much sun). My daughter is starting to break out and I started her with the milk cleanser and the toner. She loves how gentle the cleansers are and how nice they smelled, clean! I would highly recommend SeaVital to anyone who wants to improve the look of their skin and bring it back to the youthful radiance, Thanks so much SeaVital!"

 A Very Happy Customer

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